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 30 march th 02 April 2018

The Easter Feria, marks the start of  the French bullfighting season and attracts 500,000 visitors of which 50,000 aficionados go to the bullfights held in the arena.but is above all an excuse to party and the city is brought alive with Spanish rhythm! Encierros, bodegas, music in the streets, come and experience a Feria like no other. Every year, before the Feria, the “Espace Toro” is set up in the  Gimeaux corrals. Here you can see the bulls that will be in the bullfights and learn about the various bull-fighting traditions in the South of France. There are usually two bullfights a day in the  Arles arena, lassified a 1st category arena, French arenas being classified into three categories.affiche_paques2018_web

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